Il progetto di ricerca SINESTESIA si articola in multiforme esperienziale, private studio, instllation co- creative work, jam improvisation , workshops.

Ecco il primo workshop ” Colours Vibration ”  realizzato ( in Agosto 2013, in Polonia) e’ un workshop sperimentale di ricerca sul fenomeno di sinestesia nella vocalità ed espressione corporea‘ realizzato in collaborazione con Agnieszka Glińska e la sua  compagnia di danza contemporanea e body painting Art Color Ballet.

Info & booking workshop:, +39 340 842 47 57

Is an experimental workshop project, dedicated to exploring the phenomenon of synaesthesia, originally designed by Małgorzata Marzec – Luberda ( Laboratorio della Voce , Venice / Italy – singer , performer , voice coach method of holistic and performative voice ) and by Agnieszka Glińska (Art Color Ballet bodypainting & dance performance company Cracow / Poland ). The workshop is an activity based on the work aimed at the development of perception and expression of the multi-dimensional abilities of performers. Feeling the visible vibrations of colour as sound and audible vibration of sound as colour. Using colour as sound and sound as colour. The project is an attempt to merge arts such as painting , dancing and singing . Furthermore, the recognition and experience of the body as a musical vibrational instrument. This workshop has a two-tier form: the practical and exploration action workshop part and creative process work. Painting, which has been applied after workshop activities was the action painting. It served to trigger action and emotional expression that accompany the relationship of vibration of colours in conjunction with sound and movement.
The topic of this work was the correlation between the color, the body and the voice with the energy centers, chakras. However, this work consisted of the realizing their importance through the potential of their expression.
The project is expressed through unconventional forms and methods of operation.
In regards of working and experimenting with the voice it wasn’t about traditional singing . It was a rather about the experience of “beeing singing”, it was about freely singing ourselves in this process of creative exploration and team sound and motion co-creation act.